Australian Foreign Policy Controversies and Debates

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Australian Foreign Policy: Controversies and Debates provides an introduction to a range of debates, issues and problems in Australia's foreign policy and foreign relations. Readers will be introduced to a range of historical and contemporary debates that have shaped, and will continue to influence, Australian foreign policy.
The emphasis of Australian Foreign Policy: Controversies and Debates is to expose and examine the core debates and multiple dilemmas that define foreign policy in Australia. Each chapter is made up on an introduction and a debate which encourages critical understanding of the multiple influences on the formulation, implementation and transformation of Australian foreign policy. This format weighs the pros and cons of various controversial interpretations of major events related to foreign policy in the 21st century. Key bilateral relationships, including China, Indonesia and the US, are investigated and contemporary issues such as human rights, transnational terrorism, international environmental issues, human security and economic globalisation are featured. Key featuresDiscussion questions at the end of each chapter encourage readers to critically evaluate the debates.Coverage of contemporary issues such as Australia's relationships with China and Indonesia, asylum seekers and climate change - will engage readers.Boxes throughout the text - explain key definitions and documents, and emphasise extra information and materials. This book is the recipient of the Australian Institute of International Affairs' publication support grant.
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