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Revenge is worth waiting for
A #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER A SUNDAY TIMES CRIME BOOK OF THE MONTH 'Outrageously entertaining' The Times 'Utterly spellbinding' Daily Mail 'As exhilarating as Bussi's breakthrough novel After the Crash' The Sunday Times 'Agatha Christie updated and then cranked up to 11: a blast' Shots Magazine Jamal loves to run. But one morning - as he is training on a path winding up a steep cliff - he stumbles across a woman in distress. It's a matter of seconds: suddenly she is falling through the air, crashing on the beach below. Jamal is only an unlucky bystander - or is he? His version of events doesn't seem to fit with what other eyewitnesses claim to have seen. And how to explain the red scarf carefully arranged around the dead woman's neck? Perhaps this was no accident after all. Or perhaps there is something more sinister afoot - a devilish plan decades in the making, masterminded by someone hell-bent on revenge.
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