The Husbands

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 'This gender-swapping Stepford Wives story is as creepy as it is delicious' - Good Housekeeping 'Turns its attention to the inadequacies of the nuclear family ... a direct descendant of Ira Levin's feminist classic, The Stepford Wives' - New York Times 'Chandler Baker is queen of the feminist thriller' - SALLY HEPWORTH Welcome to the neighbourhood. We do things differently here. Recently, Nora has started to feel that 'having it all' - a family, a soon-to-be new house, a successful career in law - comes with a price, one her husband doesn't seem to be paying quite so heavily. She loves Hayden, but why is it that, however hard men work, their wives always seem to work that much harder? Then her house-hunting takes them to an affluent suburban neighbourhood and Nora's eyes are opened to a new world. One where women can have it all. One where the men actually pull their weight. But a wrongful death case involving one of the local residents draws Nora further into this perfect world and she begins to realise that the secret of 'having it all' is far more complicated than she could ever have imagined. In fact, it may be worth killing for... Smart, sharp and timely, The Husbands imagines a world where the burden of the 'second shift' is equally shared - and what it might take to get there. If you love the novels of Liane Moriarty, Celeste Ng and Sally Hepworth you will devour The Husbands. 'The Husbands is the type of page-turning domestic drama that will keep you guessing until the very end' - Mamamia 'A deadly tale about the mental load women carry' - Entertainment Weekly 'The Husbands is a poignant exploration of what it would take for women to have it all ... and it's as sobering as you might imagine. My head is still spinning. I can already hear the book club discussions!' SALLY HEPWORTH 'Every once in a while there's a book that stays with you - whether the subject resonates, makes you think or quite simply shocks. The Husbands does all that, and more... this brilliantly written novel will truly make women everywhere feel seen' Woman & Home Praise for WHISPER NETWORK 'A delicious and timely thriller' New York Times Book Review 'A murder mystery that happens in today's #MeToo era ... completely thrilling' REESE WITHERSPOON 'There's a lot of buzz about this page-turner thriller, which is Big Little Lies with a splash of #MeToo' NW Magazine 'Lies will be uncovered and secrets will be exposed' Woma

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