The Monarch Of The Glen

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Hikers battle it out with the Laird of Glenbogle Castle in this hilarious story of life in the Scottish Highlands

Chester Royde, an American millionaire, travels to Scotland with his new bride Carrie and sister Myrtle, to find out more about Carrie's Scottish ancestry. Their new 'relatives' turn out to be a little more authentically Scottish than they bargained for. Ben Nevis, Laird of Glenbogle Castle, is fiercely protective of his lands and the Macdonald clan spirit, but being cash-strapped he's not above attempts to marry heiress Myrtle to one of his many brawny sons. However, Ben Nevis is distracted when a group of hikers stumble on his moor and spoil a days hunting...sparking all-out war between gentry and commoners.

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