The Therapist

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 From the mind of a psychologist comes a chilling domestic thriller that gets under your skin. **One of Cosmopolitan's 25 of the best books to read this summer 2021** "A wonderful storyteller" Chris Whitaker "Creepy, compelling and very well written" Harriet Tyce "Wonderfully creepy, twisty and compelling" Karen Hamilton "Masterfully paced and hauntingly written" Anna Bailey "Gets under your skin" Jo Spain "I couldn't put it down" Sarah Ward At first it's the lie that hurts. A voicemail from her husband tells Sara he's arrived at the holiday cabin. Then a call from his friend confirms he never did. She tries to carry on as normal, teasing out her clients' deepest fears, but as the hours stretch out, her own begin to surface. And when the police finally take an interest, they want to know why Sara deleted that voicemail. To get to the root of Sigurd's disappearance, Sara must question everything she knows about her relationship. Could the truth about what happened be inside her head? Translated from the Norwegian by Alison McCullough

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