Customer Service Charter:

The UniShop team will…

  • deliver our range of products and services with enthusiasm
  • treat our customers fairly, considerately, & courteously
  • anticipate customer demands and we create fresh opportunities for the delivery of our service.
  • always respond in a culturally sensitive manner
  • always be helpful
  • have the knowledge and ability to deal with your enquiries or to be able to refer you to someone who has
  • acknowledge you politely and advise of any likely waiting times
  • assist you within minutes of your arrival at a service point / enquiry counter and will be welcomed at each transaction.
  • be easily identifide by the wearing of a name badge


  • Your telephone calls will be answered promptly with the staff member's name and work area identified.
  • You can expect usto acknowledge or reply to telephone messages as soon as possible and at latest by the next working day.

Email Communication

  • We will reply to your email communication as soon as possible and at lateste within the next working day of receipt.
  • Our email communications with you are in clear and simple language, address the issues directly and include relevant contact details.
  • You can access our contact details on our website

Helping Us to Help You!

  • Respecting the rights of other customers.
  • Treating our staff considerately
  • Providing us with appropriate information
  • Treating UniShop facilities and property with due care.
  • Help us to improve our services, or acknowledge good service via our iPad Spill Feedback Kiosk located in store, or via email