Koala Insulated Lunch Bag

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Koalas are cuddly, grey and cream coloured furry creatures that are native to eastern Australia. They live in eucalyptus trees feeding on the leaves and then sleeping in the crooks of branches for up to 18 hours a day. Like most marsupials, koalas have pouches which their young, called joeys, will climb into after birth, remaining there for the next 6 months.

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Meet Kylie the Koala

Enjoy lunch with your favourite Aussie animal! An exclusive, limited release lunch bag in five colourful Anna Blatman designs. Mid-sized bag with handy carry handle.

- The Lunch bags are 19cm wide, 23cm high & 11cm deep.

- Durable material, easy to clean and store  

- Insulated to keep food cold 6-8 hours 

- Designed in Australia.

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