Wild Orchid Blush Minikin Tealight Candle Holder

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This delicate Wild Orchis Blush Minikin™ Lantern from our Vintage Botanica range is moulded with fine white porcelain, which sits on a round wooden base. When lit with tea light candle the warmth of the flame glows through the porcelain and it's true beauty comes to life.

  •  Size 8cm diameter & 11.5cm High
  •  Beautifully boxed
  •  Handmade from fine Porcelain and a wooden base
  •  Use Koh Living’s small tealight candles
  •  Designed in Australia.
  •  Australian owned and operated company

Wild Orchid Blush Minikin Tealight Candle Holder

A kaleidoscope of butterflies floats idly amidst the native dendrobiums and orchids. There is no sense of rush, for there is nowhere to go, and nothing urgent to do. Wild Orchis Blush is a perfect reminder to do likewise: slow down and live in the moment.

Vintage Botanica Captures the long slow exhale of an Australian Morning when the scent of Jasmine lingers on the breeze, native orchids begin to unfurl from their buds and butterflies emerge from their chrysalises. It is an unmistakable thrum of life and vibrancy. The landscape becomes adorned with the flora and fauna that can be found nowhere else in the world. This delicate moment has been captured in 4 unique designs, each one inspired by original 19th century botanical charts.

Vintage Botanica allows you to live in the moment all year round.

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