UniShop: A brief history 

The UniShop first opened in 1992, employing over 30 people. The bookshop manager at that time managed over triple the amount of textbooks we have today - stocked from ceiling to floor! Sales in the store operated on primarily a cash basis, with cards having to be manually authorised over the phone -  can you imagine lining up for textbooks then!? Luckily times have changed. 

Since then the range of books and merchandise have constantly undergone review and change to best suit the needs of the campus community. We like to give back to our students through our Textbook Competition each semester, rewarding our customers with refunds on their much needed textbooks, as well as providing discounted texts on the top titles sourced for each faculty.

As we head into 2016, there will be many exciting times and more milestones ahead and we look forward to experiencing them with you!