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Bestselling author and acclaimed actor William McInnes returns with a book about a subject close to his own heart: Fatherhood.
Warm, witty and nostalgic, William is at his best when he's tapping into our collective memory and sharing stories to which we can all relate. * Fraser Coast Chronicle * Fatherhood is a warm, witty and nostalgic collection of tales told with ease, just like a friendly chat over the back fence, or the banter of a backyard barbecue * Hobart Mercury * A must read for all. It will take you back to your childhood and those halcyon days on the beach with mum and dad or of visiting the latest theme park with your own children. It will remind you of those who are dear to you. * Brisbanista * His gently humorous stories about growing up in Redcliffe and being a father come with cringeworthy photos that must have his children squirming - but maybe they're used to it. * Brisbane News * Review * Mildura Midweek *
William McInnes is one of Australia's most popular writers and actors. His books include the bestselling memoirs A Man's Got to Have a Hobby and That'd Be Right. In 2012 his book Worse Things Happen at Sea, co-written with his wife, Sarah Watt, was named the best non-fiction title in the ABIA and Indie Awards. Also an award-winning actor and best known for his leading roles in Blue Heelers and SeaChange, William has won two Logies and an AFI Award for Best Actor in the film Unfinished Sky. He recently starred in the TV dramas Deep Water and Rake. William grew up in Queensland and lives in Melbourne with his two children.


William McInnes, one of Australia's best-known storytellers and actors, has turned to a subject that is close to his heart. Fatherhood is about family, about memories of his father and the memories he's creating as a dad himself, with his own son and daughter. Warm, witty and nostalgic, these tales are just like a friendly chat over the back fence, or the banter of a backyard BBQ. They will stir your own memories: of hot summer days and cooling off under the sprinkler while Dad works in the garden with the radio tuned to the sports results; that time Dad tried to teach you to drive - and then got out of the car and kissed the ground; or taking your own kids on a family road trip. Fatherhood is full of memories: the happy, the hilarious, the sad, bad, and the unexpectedly poignant moments. You will laugh, you may even cry - but you will recognise yourself and those you love somewhere in these pages.
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