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Examining the over use of modern medicine and how your body can heal itself.
A very important book contributing to an important shift in health care where the patient is involved in directing their body and mind to stimulate their natural resources in healing. It gives understanding and practical steps for individuals to wisely and kindly open their own doors and claim their natural inner potentials for healing. * Mark Abramson (Stanford Professor) * I really enjoyed reading this book, and everyone who is willing to understand the variety of psychological factors involved in the process of healing would benefit from its reading. The interaction between doctors and their patients as well as the so-called placebo effects are beautifully described throughout the book for the nonspecialist.' * Fabrizio Benedetti, MD, University of Turin, Italy, and Plateau Rosa Labs, Switzerland Author of Placebo Effects * This is a timely book on a timeless problem of how body and mind interact to affect our health and well-being. Beautifully written by an international expert in the field, it challenges old habits of thinking and promises new ways of exploring what it means to live an integrated life. * Mark Williams, author of Mindfulness, Professor of Clinical Psychology and former director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre * This fascinating book ranges over a broad range of evidence, from telling incidents, to huge comparative scientific studies with thousands of human subjects, and many things in between, all aimed at helping you lead a more healthy, vigorous, active and meaningful life. Engagingly written by an academic who can row his own boat (really!), who is as adept at yoga as he is at statistics, it is really a good read. Imagine: Science for the Beach! * Professor Dan Moerman * Engaging, informative, accessible and easy to read, Doctor You will tell you all that you need to know about how the body works. Based on his own extensive research, Jeremy Howick will arm you with knowledge empowering you to make the right choices when it comes to your health. This book gives guidance for your journey to a better and healthier lifestyle; It allowed me to see my physical wellbeing in a way that makes absolute sense! A must read if you are a parent of a child with ADHD, anxiety, or for anyone interested in improving their health. * Virginie Chiquri, Author of Thinking Mom's Revolution * Jeremy Howick is a real expert on the placebo effect. He can be relied on to know the literature, including the technical literature, thoroughly, and to provide a clear, serious and just account of it. * Nancy Carwright * Jeremy Howick knows placebos and how to make it understandable to the public. He's a philosopher who understands the big picture and a researcher who understands the details that make good science. * Ted Kaptchuk * Jeremy is a very intelligent thinker and writer about medicine. * Sir Muir Gray, Author of Sod 70 * Jeremy Howick shines a powerful light on the conscious mind that recognises its own innate healing power. He uses clean scientific evidence to validate the mind-body connection and shows in an inspired and simple-to-understand way how conscious and positive thinking can augment the inner healing intelligence of the body thus transforming health and wellbeing. This is a must read for all who wish to take responsibility for their health and who wish to participate in their wellbeing. * Raoul Goldberg, From Esalen, author of Addictive Behaviour - the Struggle for Freedom * Dr. Howick provides an accessible and thoughtful explanation of what it means to be healthy and how modern health care can lead us astray. Through engaging storytelling, he weaves together a vast body medical science, fascinating psychological research, and philosophical insights about mind and body. An ambitious and integrative book that is perfect if you are looking to intelligently navigate the maze of modern health care. * Ty Tashiro, Author of The Science of Happily Ever After * Jeremy Howick reveals the science behind self- healing. Read this groundbreaking book! * Deepak Chopra *
An Oxford researcher with over 75 publications and a classic textbook, Jeremy Howick is well qualified to write Doctor You. A world-renowned placebo researcher and his work has been featured in The Times and The Washington Post, as well as on Sky News, and the BBC.


Twenty per cent of Americans, half of the elderly British, and two thirds of older Canadians take at least five prescription drugs per day - their lives a non-stop ritual of pill popping and trying to manage side effects. Onein ten people in developed countries take antidepressants. Millions of boys who can't sit still in school are prescribed methamphetamines. Modern medicine has been overused. Skyrocketing global healthcare costs render this overuse of medicine increasingly unaffordable. The wonders of modern medicine have also obscured the body's ability to heal itself. Your body produces its own drugs that can treat pain as well as drugs, cure some joint problems as well as a surgeon, and treat most mild depression as well as a psychologist. We've all heard of endorphins, but did you know 'endorphin' literally means 'morphine made by your body'? Besides the body's self-healing abilities, latest evidence clearly show that states of mind affect our health. Relaxing, positive thinking, and comfortable social environments can all improve our health as much as blockbuster drugs.Written using the latest, high quality, conventional evidence Doctor You arms you with knowledge that will empower you to make the right choices about what drugs to take, what drugs to give your children, and when you should let your body do its thing.
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