Koala Bamboo Tray 24cm

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Koala Bamboo Tray 24cm

Meet Kylie the Koala

It's hard not to break out in smiles when viewing Anna Blatmans vibrant artwork.
The latest Koh Living collection combines the Melbournian artists unmistakable love of colour and our favourite national animals.

Koalas are cuddly, grey and cream coloured furry creatures that are native to eastern Australia. They live in eucalyptus trees feeding on the leaves and then sleeping in the crooks of branches for up to 18 hours a day. Like most marsupials, koalas have pouches which their young, called joeys, will climb into after birth, remaining there for the next 6 months.

These Koala Trays are made from eco-friendly materials the range is perfect for picnicking or pairing with a delectable breakfast, elevating your affair to that of an art gallery.

Tray size: 24cm x 18cm.

Designed in Australia.

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