Introduction to Ore-forming Processes

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Introduction to Ore-forming Processes
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Laurence Robb
Blackwell Science
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Introduction to Ore-Forming Processes is the first senior undergraduate - postgraduate textbook to focus specifically on the multiplicity of geological processes that result in the formation of mineral deposits. * Opens with an overview of magmatic ore-forming processes * Moves systematically through hydrothermal and sedimentary metallogenic environments, covering as it does the entire gamut of mineral deposit types, including the fossil fuels and supergene ores * The final chapter relates metallogeny to global tectonics by examining the distribution of mineral deposits in space and time * Boxed examples of world famous ore deposits are featured throughout providing context and relevance to the process-oriented descriptions of ore genesis * Brings the discipline of economic geology back into the realm of conventional mainstream earth science by emphasizing the fact that mineral deposits are simply one of the many natural wonders of geological process and evolution. Artwork from the book is available to instructors at
"This book undoubtedly succeeds in addressing the intrinsic complexities that surround the formation of ore deposits in any environmental setting. It also demonstrates that ore-forming processes are integrally linked to the various wonders of the earth system, and paves the ground on which economic geology can find its deserved place in modern earth-science curricula, irrespective of the periodic declines of interest in ore dposit research from a purely commercial viewpoint...I can only recommend this textbook to all those interested, whether from the academic world or from the industry, in the challenges of mineral deposits and their origins." Harilaos Tsikos, University of Aberdeen, Geofluids, May 2004 "Here at last is a first-class senior undergraduate-postgraduate texbook focused on the spectrum of geological processes involved in the genesis of ore deposits...No question whatever, Introduction to Ore-Forming Processes succeeds in its principal stated purpose, that being " provide a better understanding of the processes as well as the nature and origin, of mineral occurrences and how they fit into the Earth sytem." The Canadian Mineralogist, March 2005 "The book brings a fresh new look to an old topic; it is balanced as to coverage, it is well and engagingly written, it is up to date, and it is global in coverage. I recommend the volume." American Mineralogist, January 2005 "This is an excellent book ... The text of the book is very well-written. The author describes lucidly (and patiently) all important features of specific processes, so that the reader can easily follow his arguments." Miner Deposita
Laurence Robb is Pavitt Professor of Economic Geology at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, and also Director of its Economic Geology Research Institute. He has worked for over 20 years on many of the great mineral districts of the African continent and has taught economic geology at Wits for almost as long.

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