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Louise Pentland
Allen & Unwin
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'Does anyone else out there feel like me?'Robin Wilde is an awesome single mum. She's great at her job. Her best friend Lacey and bonkers Auntie Kath love her and little Lyla to the moon and back. From the outside, everything looks just fine.But Robin has a secret.Behind the mask she carefully applies every day, things sometimes feel...grey. And lonely. She struggles to fit in with the school-mum crew. Online dating is despair-inducing, and how can she give her little girl the very best when, honestly, some days it's hard to find a clean pair of knickers?After 4 years (and 2 months and 24 days) of single mum-dom, Robin realises it's time to get out there and Change. Her. Life!A little courage and creativity go a long way, and exciting new opportunities are soon on the horizon - maybe a man, maybe the chance of a lifetime...Will Robin seize the possibilities she creates for herself? And what surprises does her life have in store if she does?
A warm and engaging debut . . . [Robin Wilde is a] chatty, winning yet poignant heroine. * Sophie Kinsella * I'd love Robin Wilde to be my new best friend. In fact, I feel like she's become it through these pages. Wonderfully written and full of humour that had me laughing along from start to finish. As a mum, as a woman, you can find yourself wondering whether it's only you that feels a certain way or does questionable things, but this book stilled my pondering mind. We're all in this together. Plodding through the murkiness, the judgement, the excruciating emptiness and insecurities of not being good enough . . . only when we know these are universal worries will we learn that all we actually need is a little self love. Funny, heartfelt, tender and empowering! I can't believe this is Louise's first book. I'm thoroughly excited to read more! -- Giovanna Fletcher I adore this book. Louise Pentland writes with so much warmth, heart and honesty - Wilde Like Me is a gorgeous, witty, reassuring comfort read. I fell in love with Robin and her family before the end of the first page. If you're having a bad day, I think this book would instantly make it better. Pentland's exploration of mental health issues is refreshingly honest. If you've ever felt like the only person in the world who isn't perfect - and I sometimes do - this is what you need to read. A fabulous mix of escapism and relatability, this is a hug of a book. * Daisy Buchanan * I'm smitten with this sweet and special story about love, life and motherhood. Reading Wilde Like Me feels just like sitting down for a (boozy) hot chocolate with your best friend and I love Robin Wilde. * Lindsey Kelk * As lovable and candid as the woman herself * NYC Talon * If it's great big belly laughs you're after, then meet Robin Wilde. * Fabulous Magazine, The Sun * Wilde Like Me is a fun, light-hearted read. * Snazzy Books * This is a fantastic read full of wit and warmth and it is hilarious. When I finished I felt empowered not only for robin but also for myself ... this lifted my spirits,my self belief and my sparkle. Great characters, fantastic storyline and addictive reading makes this a top hit for your summer read of 2017. * Charlene Jess * Like the very best chick lit heroines, Robin Wilde is the woman next door all women can relate to and want to be friends with. She and daughter Lyla are the most adorable tag team, and Auntie Kath rounds off the ensemble perfectly. There's a lot of girl power in this novel, and although there's romance too, the love between mother and daughter and the love for oneself come out on top. Full of humour, warmth and conviction, this is a sparkling debut. * Chick Lit Club *
Award-winning lifestyle and beauty blogger, fashion designer and number one bestselling non-fiction author Louise Pentland is fulfilling a dream and releasing her first ever novel in 2017. A UN Global Ambassador for Gender Equality, Louise was shortlisted for 2016's Glamour Woman of The Year and recently won InStyle 'Best High-Street Fashion YouTuber' and the Shorty Award for 'Best YouTube Guru'. She's recently released her second collection for fashion retailer SIMPLY BE (sizes 10-32) and her second LOUISE LIVE UK tour was a sell-out this summer. Her non-fiction book Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter hit the Sunday Times number one bestseller slot in summer 2015. Louise has 2.5 million YouTube followers, 1.8 million Twitter followers and 2.4 million Instagram followers. Hers is one of the fastest growing international social talent platforms.

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