Women vs Feminism Why We All Need Liberating From Gender Wars

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Women vs Feminism Why We All Need Liberating From Gender Wars
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Joanna Williams
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There's never been a better time to be a woman. Thanks to those feminists who fought for liberation, young women today have freedom and opportunities their grandmothers could barely have imagined. Girls do better at school than boys and are more likely to go to university. As a result, women are taking more of the top jobs and the gender pay gap has all but disappeared. Yet rather than encouraging women to seize the new possibilities open to them, contemporary feminism tells them they are still oppressed. Women vs Feminism: Why We All Need Liberating from the Gender Wars challenges this stance, unpicking the statistics from the horror stories to explore the reality of women's lives. It argues that today's feminism is obsessed with trivial issues - skinny models, badly phrased jokes and misplaced compliments - and focuses on the regulation of male behaviour, rather than female empowerment, pitching men and women against each other in a never-ending gender war that benefits no-one. Feminism today does women no favours and it's time we were all liberated from the gender wars.
"Women vs Feminism is a superb expose of today's victim feminism. It tells the story of how a once valiant movement for equality and freedom devolved into a male-bashing grievance-fest. This meticulously researched book will drive the gender activists crazy--and delight those who care about truth, rules of evidence, and genuine liberation." - Christina Hoff Sommers, Author of Who Stole Feminism? "For those of us who've been involved in fighting for women's liberation for years, it has been tragic to watch contemporary feminism become the enemy of freedom. Do not despair. Joanna Williams's wonderful book not only uses erudition, philosophy and polemics to explain how on earth this betrayal has happened but more importantly it is a bravura clarion call urging women to throw off the shackles of hapless victimhood and instead take control of their destiny. I loved every word." - Claire Fox, Director, Institute of Ideas "A thoughtful critique of modern feminism." - The Quarterly Review "The joy of reading Joanna Williams's writing is that you quickly realize that she represents a rare combination. She knows her feminist theory inside out, and yet she also sees immediately where contemporary feminism becomes misguided and pernicious." - The Conservative Woman "refreshing and engaging" - Times Literary Supplement
Joanna Williams is Senior Lecturer at the University of Kent and is the author of Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity and Consuming Higher Education: Why Learning Can't Be Bought. She is education editor of the online magazine Spiked, a frequent contributor to The Spectator, and has written for numerous other publications from the Times Higher Education to the Erotic Review.

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