Explore UniShop for exclusive UOW merchandise, from academic essentials and official gear to graduation collections. Delight in unique Aboriginal art, jewellery, and d├ęcor, and benefit from clothing sales, varied sizes, competitive prices, and free shipping on select items. Visit us in-store or online for an exceptional shopping experience.

Enjoy convenient delivery or 'CLICK AND COLLECT' options at UniShop, located on the scenic UOW campus. As a UOW Pulse venture, your purchases directly contribute to enriching student life through events, clubs, and more. Thank you for supporting the UOW community.

UniShop is a UOW Pulse business, with all proceeds from everything you buy going straight back to enhancing the student experience on campus. Whether that's through events, festivals, competitions or through our clubs and societies.Thank you for supporting the UOW campus experience.

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