Who are we?

UniShop is a UOW student's number one resource for key academic materials. Our store is located on the ground floor of Building 11. If you catch the bus to campus you will see us on the left as you walk in from the Bus terminal on Northfields Ave - can't miss us! 

Grab your textbooks, general books, stationary, tech items...and of course your afternoon snack. Hire your academic dress, or deck yourself out with official UOW merchandise. Assignments can be bound here. Purchase and top up Opal Cards, phone credit. We even have a dry cleaning service, plus much more!

The UniShop team are passionate about books and literature, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help solve even the most intricate queries. So don't hesitate to ask us if you're looking for something hard to find - we love nothing more than to pair readers to their favourite books! 

UniShop's reach is not limited soley to the campus community, and our doors are always open to the general public. We also coordinate book launch events around the Illawarra, bringing publishers, authors and their readers together. Not only this, but UniShop has an extensive partnership with regional educational institutions - supplying books, and hosting book fairs to school libraries around Illawarra / South Coast.

UniShop forms part of Wollongong UniCentre - the social hub of the University of Wollongong that provides entertainment & activities, food & retail, student involvement and much more. UniCentre offers a complement to academic life with the sole purpose of enhancing the student experience.

The UniCentre is a non-profit organisation receiving its income from our trading operations - including the UniShop. The UniCentre uses these funds to build new facilities; provide services for the benefit and welfare of its members; and provide recreation, artistic, cultural and developmental events for the University and the wider community. You can view the Unicentre Vision, Mission & Our Values on the Unicentre website.