Medical Surgical Nursing for Australian Students, 1st Edition Print and Interactive E-text + Fundamentals of Person-centred Healthcare Practice

by Anne-Marie Brady, Jacquie Brewer, Zach Byfield, Ellen Dyke, Sara Geale, Renjith Hari, Sarah Mills, Penny Sweeting, Josie Tighe
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University of Wollongong SNUG101: Fundamentals of Nursing

Medical Surgical Nursing For Australian Students: A Systems Approach, 1st Edition is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and digestible resource that delivers a wide scope of concepts that are essential to an undergraduate nursing degree.

Offering a truly Australian context, this text focuses on the local healthcare system in a relevant and current way. The case studies support the concept of ‘thinking like a nurse’ – enhancing your ability to use clinical reasoning for the provision of patient care.


  • Dedicated paediatrics chapter that covers relevant paediatric considerations – an understanding of the differences between children and adult care.
  • A diverse range of clinical case studies of normal and deteriorating patients, to enhance your abilities to use clinical reasoning in patient care.
  • Two practical sections designed to cover the essential content needed by nursing students.

Fundamentals of Person-Centred Healthcare Practice presents evidence-based perspectives on a broad range of approaches to person-centred practice in healthcare. Featuring contributions from internationally recognised experts in the field, this valuable textbook helps students and staff across healthcare disciplines understand the essential concepts of person-centred practice in various health-related contexts. Using the Person-centred Practice Framework—an innovative theoretical model based on more than two decades of research and practice—students develop a strong understanding of the different components of person-centredness, their connections and interactions, and how they can be implemented to promote positive healthcare experiences for care providers, service-users, and families. 

Recognising the dynamic and complex nature of person-centredness, the text emphasises the importance of a common language and a shared understanding of person-centred practice in all areas of healthcare, from hospital and social care systems, to mental health, learning disability, and rehabilitation services. This practical and insightful introduction to the subject: 

  • Provides engaging, student-friendly coverage of the central principles and practice of person-centredness within a multi-professional and interdisciplinary context 
  • Features cases and examples of person-centred practice in curricula worldwide 
  • Includes activities designed to support person-centred practitioner development 
  • Discusses the future of person-centred facilitation, learning and practice 
  • Offers real-world guidance on providing a holistic approach to developing person-centred relationships that facilitate meaningful connections with others  

Fundamentals of Person-Centred Healthcare Practice is an indispensable resource for nursing and allied health professionals, and an important reference work for educators, facilitators, supervisors and healthcare practitioners. 

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