Everyday Wonders

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CBCA Award for New Illustrator

Isla sails the high seas,

Vivienne takes care of bees,

Izzy is good at fixing cars,

Farah loves gazing at stars...

Everyday Wonders is a collection of 15 fun and inspiring short stories about kind, brave, clever and curious everyday wonders like you and me! It features characters of all ages from all around the world.

This colourful children’s book celebrates the unique and everyday qualities that make us who we are – our quirks, hobbies and wonderfully unique personality.

Everyday wonders are all around us – our neighbours, doctors, local beekeepers, car mechanics or favourite opera singers. You don’t need to be famous or a Nobel Prize winner to feel…and to be…important in this world.

Every page is packed with detail. You can read it over and again and keep discovering new things. And you can follow along with the iconic Everyday Wonders memory cards for added fun.

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