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In Nothing eight young people - including a Vandal, a Stalker and a Porn Girl - recount their experiences, capturing the apathy rampant in today's youth. 

Yet Nothing is much more than a series of monologues. It is about - among other things - cupcakes, action films, crap television, shitting, sex, buses and stalking. It is about alienation and being young.

Initially written as eight monologues by Lulu Raczka (winner of the Sunday Times Young Playwriting Award), Nothing asks questions about the nature of theatre itself. In its original production by Barrel Organ Theatre the performers improvised a new cut with every performance, each starting the show without knowing which particular monologue they would be performing on that occasion. Nothing is thus a game for both performer and audience, but it is also a serious interrogation of the structures within which we live.

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