Ask My Pronouns Enamel Pin

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Simply asking someone what their pronouns are can be a simple way to show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community, but sometimes some people will be too shy to ask. This little pin could help put them at ease and give them the confidence to politely ask the question. Pin one of these on to your bag, lapel, jacket, pocket or anywhere really and invite others to the conversation. Featuring hard black enamel and gold lettering, these little pins make a big statement.

40mm x 22mm (H x W)

Erstwilder enamel pins are made from high-quality hard enamel with either a gold, silver or gunmetal finish, as pictured. Finished with the Erstwilder logo embossed on the reverse side and including a rubber clutch, enamel pins come presented on an Erstwilder backing card.

When cleaning or polishing hard enamel pins, use a microfiber cloth and non-abrasive polishing cream. Remove the rubber clutch before you begin but careful handling the exposed pin. Begin with a small area to ensure the polishing cream isn’t too harsh on the pin. Proceed from there but do be gentle and treat them with care to avoid damage. To prevent fading over time and maintain durability of your enamel pin, avoid excessive exposure to light and heat. Enamel pins are also best stored with their rubber clutches on and spaced from one another to prevent scratching.

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