Vanilla Bean Reed Diffuser

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Lemon Zest, Pineapple, White Musk, Jasmine, Vanilla Bean & Buttermilk

Indulge yourself with the warm and welcoming aroma of fresh vanilla beans coupled with lemon zest, musk, and buttermilk. This scent creates an inviting atmosphere in your home. This 200ml Diffuser is hand blended in Wollongong, Australia.

Your purchase of any imagine product directly supports us in our mission to continue to provide employment for people with disabilities.

Keep out of reach of children & animals. Avoid contact with skin & eyes. Keep away from heat source (flammable). Do not consume (poisonous). Do not light reeds. Avoid spilling oils as it may damage furniture, textiles or surfaces. Wipe spills immediately with a damp cloth.

Carefully remove plastic stopper and place reed sticks into solution to absorb fragrance & naturally diffuse scent

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