Mechanics of Materials, Enhanced, SI Edition

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How hard can it be: To build a power station without upsetting the eco-mentalists? To seek world domination if you've been hit the ugly stick? For the Met Office to get yesterday's weather right? The author pours scorn on the nonsensical, the idiotic and the plain foolish in his continuing quest to discover where exactly we've all gone wrong.
Develop a thorough understanding of the mechanics of materials ' an area essential for success in mechanical, civil and structural engineering -- with the analytical approach and problem-solving emphasis found in Goodno/Gere's leading MECHANICS OF MATERIALS, Enhanced, SI, 9th Edition. This book focuses on the analysis and design of structural members subjected to tension, compression, torsion and bending. This ENHANCED EDITION guides you through a proven four-step problem-solving approach for systematically analyzing, dissecting and solving structure design problems and evaluating solutions. Memorable examples, helpful photographs and detailed diagrams and explanations demonstrate reactive and internal forces as well as resulting deformations. You gain the important foundation you need to pursue further study as you practice your skills and prepare for the FE exam.
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