Business Law 6Th Edition

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One summer, just after the Great War, Tom Birkin, a demobbed soldier, arrives in the village of Oxgodby. He has been invited to uncover and restore a medieval wall painting in the local church. At the same time, Charles Moon - a fellow damaged survivor of the war - has been asked to locate the grave of a village ancestor.
When teaching law to business students, instructors are faced with a key challenge: how to make legal concepts clear and digestible to students who havenAt been exposed to the law discipline before. JamesA Business Law, 6th Edition delivers law in an accessible and relatable way, providing a blended learning solution that is hands-on and interactive. With many digital resources, Business Law guides students through the real-life application of what they are learning. It uses case videos, animated diagrams and interactive practice to keep them engaged. YouAll bring your students on the journey of the Lame Duck CafA (c) A the highly regarded running case study that contextualises every concept students will encounter in the text.
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