An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

by Graham L. Patrick
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The market-leader in medicinal chemistry: clear, supportive, and practical. It helps students to effortlessly make the link from theory to real-life applications using practical and focused coverage alongside a package of supportive online resources.

Medication is widely used to support the human body to fight against infection and pain. In an era of pharmaceutical and medicinal challenges, we have all become more familiar with drug production and distribution. However, do we really know what happens before those drugs are distributed? What's the process behind drug discovery? How do our bodies interact with those chemicals? An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry, 7th edition, offers a complete and accessible approach to this multidisciplinary field. Its student-friendly writing style makes this text an ideal tool for those coming to the subject for first time, but also for students looking to deepen their understanding.The book guides students through understanding the principles of drug action targets in Part A, to how drugs interact at a molecular level with our organs to offer therapeutic value in Part B, and exploring drug design and discovery, as well as regulatory procedures in Part C. Offering a practical approach, Part D provides a deeper look at specific tools and techniques of medicinal chemistry, concluding with emerging topics including antibodies and anticancer agents in Part E. From principles to practice, accompanied by examples and case studies emerging from current biomedical research, the book will equip students with a robust understanding of medicinal chemistry, to prepare them for future success.

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