Children and the Law

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Children and the Law
The second edition of this highly-regarded work provides extensive coverage of the ways in which the law and children interact. Topics such as criminal law, the internet, immigration law, family law, medical law, discrimination law, education and the legal process are included with contributions from expert authors in each area. Each chapter is contributed by an expert on that topic and is written to provide a clear, authoritative and accessible discussion suitable for a wide audience. This edition provides an extended socio-legal focus, ensuring the work is relevant for practitioners, non-legal professionals working in child-related areas, researchers and students in both law and non-law units at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It includes discussion on topical issues such as: surrogacy, youth rights, the internet and cyber bullying, international adoption, migration, international child abduction, the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Assault, and the impact of the Convention on the Rights of the Child on Australian Law. Features * Authoritative commentary by expert contributors * Includes socio-legal focus to ensure accessibility and relevance to a wide market * Includes traditional topics and areas of recent prominence Related Titles Young, Sifris, Carroll & Monahan, Family Law in Australia, 9th ed, 2016
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