Clinical Reasoning | 3rd Edition - Learning to think like a nurse

by Tracy Levett-Jones
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Published: 6th October 2022

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Number of Pages: 352

Audience: College, Tertiary and University

Publisher: Pearson Education

Country of Publication: AU

Edition Number: 3

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An Australian text designed to address the key area of clinical reasoning in nursing practice

The 3rd edition provides a series of authentic, engaging and meaningful scenarios that guide nursing students through the clinical reasoning process, while challenging them to think critically and creatively about the nursing care they provide.

It promotes deep learning and opportunities to rehearse how to respond to real clinical situations in ways that are both person-centred and clinically astute.

Pearson eText is the interactive digital option for the 3rd edition, including interactive questions and activities, providing student with immediate access to answers and feedback.

Key features

  • Scenarios with 8 step process of the clinical reasoning cycle. For each critical concept, the content is all structured around a scenario with an 8-step process. This gives students the opportunity to connect the theory to something real in a low stakes environment, while also solidifying a step-by-step process they can follow and apply in study and real life.
  • Quick Quiz - At the end of relevant sections, these scaffolded quizzes consolidate student's learning of key concepts developed and connecting it with the scenario from the chapter.

New to this edition

  • Coverage of aged care updated - Aged care policy has been reviewed by the government and students need to have the most up-to-date information about aged care and other topics.
  • PSCF and NSQHS standards included - There is increased importance on patient safety standards, critical for any to-be nurse, and references to these standards will help students understand how the relevant standards are applied to topics.
  • NMBA standards as separate feature - The NMBA standards are critical for any nurse and including them as a feature allows students to clearly see how topics and standards apply to in-practice nursing.
  • Chapter 12 - focus on Parkinson's disease as opposed to discussion of general complex and chronic health conditions - A focus on one disease allows for deep and thorough understanding of how diseases can impact a person's life, and teaches students how to apply knowledge learnt to other diseases and situations.
  • Pearson eText - Interactive questions allowing students to test themselves and get instant feedback at the point of trying. Students want to be able to receive just-in-time feedback to consolidate their understanding of concepts. Further to this, by creating a more engaging option, it'll appeal to students who learn in different ways, and not just by reading.

About the Author

Tracy Levett-Jones is a Professor of Nursing Education and Head of School at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Additionally, she is an Adjunct Professor at CQUniversity and Monash University, a Conjoint Professor at The University of Newcastle, and a Visiting Professor at Manchester Metropolitan and Keele University in the UK. In 2018, she was recognised as one of the top three nursing education researchers in Australia and in 2019 she was named in The Australian's Research magazine as the top researcher in Health and Medical Sciences in the field of Nursing.

Tracy is the lead researcher for the Empathy Initiative research group and she has designed a number of educational websites, including the Virtual Empathy Museum and The Patient Safety for Nursing Students website. Since 2004, she has had more than 200 publications, including peer-reviewed journal papers, authored books, edited books, book chapters and reports. Her research interests include clinical reasoning, interprofessional communication, patient safety, cultural competence, belongingness, empathy and simulation.

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