Commercial Law, 6th Edition

by S Traves
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Commercial Law provides a clear, concise and accessible introduction to the fundamental concepts of commercial law. It describes and explains both the traditional areas of commercial law and other discrete areas of law that are now essential to successful modern commercial practice. Divided in two, Part I deals exclusively with the foundations of personal property and is written clearly to give a solid understanding of these important principles. Part II presents those concepts fundamental to commercial law, important applications of those concepts and other discrete areas of law relevant to modern commerce. The straightforward explanations make this an ideal text for students and the up-to-date, practical analysis makes it a valuable reference for any practitioner. Features * Succinct accessible coverage of core principles * Develops sound understanding of commercial law principles * Expanded treatment of personal property * Suits a one semester unit Related Titles * Graw, Understanding Business Law, 9th edition * Fitzpatrick et al, Business and Corporation Law, 4th edition * Ardagh, LexisNexis Questions and Answers Business Law, 2nd edition
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