Modern Engineering Mathematics

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Widely regarded as the father of modern Western philosophy, Descartes sought to look beyond established ideas and create a thought system based on reason. In this work, he meditates on doubt, the human soul, God, truth and the nature of existence itself.
For first-year undergraduate modules in Engineering Mathematics. Develop core understanding and mathematics skills within an engineering context Modern Engineering Mathematics, 6th Edition by Professors Glyn James and Phil Dyke, draws on the teaching experience and knowledge of three co-authors, Matthew Craven, John Searl and Yinghui Wei, to provide a comprehensive course textbook explaining the mathematics required for students studying first-year engineering. No matter which field of engineering they will go on to study, this text provides a grounding of core mathematical concepts illustrated with a range of engineering applications. Its other hallmark features include its clear explanations and writing style, and the inclusion of hundreds of fully worked examples and exercises which demonstrate the methods and uses of mathematics in the real world. Woven into the text throughout, the authors put concepts into an engineering context, so students can understand the relevance of mathematical techniques and gain a fuller appreciation of how to draw upon them in their studies and future careers.
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