Liberty Classic Tunable Stethoscope - Other Colours Available

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Liberty Classic Tunable Stethoscope

New & Innovative Stethoscope: Light non-corrosive titanium design features “Superflex” binaural tubing assembly, colour coordinated plastic retaining, and non-chill rings. Complete with the innovate pressure sensitive diaphragm and advanced ear tip.

Pressure Sensitive Diaphragm: This new design offers a pressure sensitive diagnosis, allowing clearer diagnosis of both high and low frequency sounds without having to change sides, as with standard stethoscopes.

Advanced Soft Eartip: With its patented two-layered design, this model is extra flexible for added comfort.

Binaural: “Superflex” deluxe stainless inner spring binaural assembly with ear tip.

- Tunable diaphragm
- Innovative design
- Optimum acoustic performance
- Finest craft finish
- Multi patents
- Soft ear tips
- Chest piece with non-chill ring
- Latex Free
- Available in various colours

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